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Adam Czyżewski

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Energy transformation starts with us (with consumption?)

On the 9th of September 2020, PKN Orlen announced its goal of climate neutrality by 2050, becoming the first fuel company in Central Europe to set such an ambitious target.


A correction or weakening demand?

Between Thursday May 30th and Monday June 3rd, Brent oil prices lost a whopping 12% in just three trading days. According to Morgan Stanley, a similar thing has happened only forty-eight times since the beginning of 1984 (in over 9,000 trading days).


The economy is growing

There are many indications that digitisation and transition from a linear production model to a circular model will be the key drivers of companies’ development in the coming decades.


The future of transport looks more digital than electric

During last week’s Impact mobility rEVolution’18 congress, I took part in a debate about the role of public institutions in creating the electric car market. I felt the subject to be important enough to be addressed in a broader context.


Electromobility ecosystem

For the average car user, electromobility is associated with electric-powered passenger vehicles, chargers, quick acceleration and numerous urban traffic facilities.


Increased uncertainty and higher oil prices

Oil prices were expected to stay low for long, but here they are on the rise again. The increase in spot prices to more than USD 70 per barrel of Brent crude was driven by geopolitical factors, which can disrupt short-term supplies.


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