About us

Fuelling Innovations is an initiative that triggers awareness of the changing reality around us.  It’s a platform where new ideas surface and where business meets the expectations of people and their everyday lives.  From the internet of things, automation, sensors, 3D printing, cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence to recyclable plastics, electric vehicles, drones, smartphones, wearable devices, and more powerful microprocessors. Fuelling Innovations also addresses topics concerning new generation of fuels and innovations of petrol stations as this strongly resonates with our core business.

Like every big brand on the market and a company with rich and long history, Unipetrol has a story to tell.  A story of its business, its products, services and people who stand behind them.  Our intention is to show how much we are present in people’s lives.  How we help people fulfill their goals and dreams. How we are part of their journey. 

Petrochemistry as the most innovative pillar of the manufacturing sector can be found almost everywhere. Petrochemicals are used in the production of plastics – from food packaging to electronic appliances, medical equipment, automotive and simplified products that shape our everyday live. We want to highlight the importance of new trends, innovations and changes that shape businesses, from regional to global perspective. We have no doubt that the new technologies can be invented or adapted to meet our needs. We base our confidence on a long history of successful innovation, led by researchers and visionaries.

As part of PKN Orlen, UNIPETROL is a leading refinery and petrochemical group in the Czech Republic and a key producer of polymers in Central and Eastern Europe.  The Group belongs to TOP 10 companies in the Czech Republic with regards to turnover and employment of approximately 4,500 people. The company’s main assets are two crude oil refineries (total capacity of 8.7 mt/y), three polymer units (total capacity of 600,000 kt/y), a steam cracker (capacity of 545,000 kt/y), and a network of 400 filling stations under Benzina brand.
The company is also known for its Research and Development centers which focus on development and manufacturing of customized products for the plastic and fuel industries.