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Chezacarb: The knight in black armor

He’ll help unclog your pipes, reinforce your tires and take care of your electronics’ conductivity needs. While he’s at it, he can even lend a hand cleaning up a toxic spill when needed. No, we’re not talking about Mr. Right. Your knight in shining armor is named Chezacarb.

Chezacarb: The knight in black armor
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CHEZACARB® is created when petroleum residue undergoes a gasification process. Its undeniable advantage is that it can be used to manufacture a series of useful products we can all find at home, as well as having a wide array of ecological uses, that are sure to be appreciated by more than just your average tree hugger.

Practical Use

CHEZACARB® AC is manufactured as molded particles in the shape of granules, 0.5-2.5 mm in size. The size of base particles, however, oscillates around 20 nm. Due to its unique structure, Chezacarb is primarily used in a wide variety of composite materials, particularly in situations where electro conductivity or antistatic properties are essential in product manufacturing. It’s excellent for adjusting electro conductivity of plastics, coating materials and rubbers. In the case of plastics and coating materials, it further assists with heat conductivity.

CHEZACARB® All Around Us

Though it’s not something we would regularly pay much attention to, with minimal effort, we can truly find this petroleum product all around us. Most often it is used in manufacturing pipes, plumbing, moving containers and pallets, but also for textile and ESD products, i.e. products that require high quality antistatic protection. It is often also part of geotextiles and geomembranes. A wide spectrum of uses is also clearly apparent in cable manufacturing, flooring or automobile fuel tanks. In household usage, it’s most commonly found in the form of canisters or garden hoses.

Effective for environmental protection

A petroleum product helping the environment in any way may sound unbelievable, but that is truly the case with the CHEZACARB® AC95 Sorbent. In addition to its conductive surface and porosity, this granulate stands out due to the small size of its granulate particles, which have the ability to aggregate around contaminants and bond them to themselves. Moreover, they are capable of capturing heavy metals.

In practice, CHEZACARB® AC95 is mainly used to liquidate petroleum spills, capture gaseous pollutants, substances with detrimental health effects for people and other living organisms. It is further used for cleaning technological equipment and plumbing, as well as sanitizing contaminated water.

So as you see, this knight in not-so-shining armor is ready to come to the rescue and save the day in a whole host of scenarios. Chezacarb truly offers an extensive range of uses and its role in the battle for a clean environment is truly irreplaceable.