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Modern materials help supply drinking water

Thanks to the new PE3 unit, launched into official operation in May 2020, Unipetrol will begin producing new material types for black underground pipes. What are they good for? This material is used for manufacturing pressure tubes suitable for use in challenging applications including gas and drinking water distribution.  

Modern materials help supply drinking water

The new unit operation will also launch production of bimodal types of PE Liten with advanced properties which are in high demand on the market. Demand for this high-quality polyethylene is rapidly growing especially in segments such as civil engineering, the packaging industry, household goods production and children’s toys manufacturing.

 „A wider portfolio facilitates flexible response to market demand fluctuations and minimizes market risk. At the same time, it enables penetration into new segments of civil engineering and the packaging industry and entry to new markets in Central and Western Europe”, says product specialist Zuzana Růžičková.

The new PE3 unit is the biggest petrochemical investment in the history of the Czech Republic and represents one of the most modern production plants in the industry. Completion of the PE3 unit gives the Unipetrol Group effective equipment that benefits both local and international clients, the consumer public and the economy as a whole.