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The smart house thinks and works for you

When your alarm goes off in the morning, it wakes up not just you, but also your coffeemaker, which immediately gets to work making your favorite beverage. The smell of fresh baked bread is coming from the bakery. The curtains have opened and the temperature is just right. This isn’t a sneak peak of the newest sci-fi movie; a smart home is an achievable reality for each one of us.

Even the smallest apartment requires constant care from its owner- regular airing out, cleaning, routine appliance maintenance, heating, energy monitoring. The future, however, will be a bit different… as a smart house will take care of many routine chores for you!

The smart house thinks and works for you

Comfort and savings thanks to targeted operation

A smart household connects all household products and systems into one network to enable streamlined operation at the touch of a button. A smart household also uses smart materials. Efficiency, hygiene and savings are the top priorities of every smart kitchen. That’s why every smart kitchen relies on HDPE materials, which are highly durable, non-toxic and recyclable. We can encounter them in a smart kitchen in the shape of both hygienic and economical appliances, but also in the living room and in certain places in a smart bathroom. The advantages of a smart household are quite apparent: comfort, fewer concerns and the possibility for major energy savings on operation, cooling, and heating.

For example, let’s look at indoor temperature regulation. In winter, it’s unnecessary to heat the whole house when no one is home. In a smart house, you can program your heater to turn on an hour before leaving work so you’re not wasting energy while at work but your home is still cozy and warm by the time you arrive. Over summer, keeping the house cool becomes top priority. But we don’t need expensive air conditioning to do it. Instead we can make use of intelligent ventilation, where windows automatically open during the night and create a breeze to cool down the whole house. On hot days, windows remain closed with shades drawn to prevent overheating. Window construction itself is also very important, especially that of the window frame. In a smart house, it’s sure to be made out of Neralit, which, thanks to its thermo-isolation properties, perfectly complements the ultimate goal of getting the perfect temperature without the price tag.

And a smart house can do much more!

Before going to bed or leaving the house, you can turn off all lights, lock all doors and activate the security system- all with just one button. Your sprinklers won’t ever again turn on while it’s raining because they’ll automatically register the weather forecast and water the lawn only when it’s dry out. Thermo-reflective foils on the roof repel sunshine and protect the house from overheating. Bio-solar roofs combine sunlight accumulators with flowering stations for pollinators.

Windows with titanium oxide surface covers will always be clean thanks to a combination of rain and UV light. The driveway made from plastic waste will be heated so neither snow nor ice will stick around on it. And heated gutters won’t ever freeze over again.

A smart bathroom looks after your health

Even the most intimate room can make life easier.

Your scale doesn’t just measure weight, but also BMI, body fat percentage and cardiovascular activity. Results are sent to your phone, which suggests a suitable diet if you are not quite fit.

The filter water tap removes up to 99% of chlorine from your water, lowers the amount of heavy metals such as lead, mercury and chrome, and removes harmful vapors rising from hot water’s interaction with chlorine during a bath or shower. And using aerators lowers water consumption by up to 40-50% when compared with a standard water battery. Thermostatic battery systems with hot water limit settings prevents accidental hot water scalding incidents and eliminates hot water wastage during the search for optimal shower temperature.

Cruising over mountains from your living room

What will future downtime look like? As we’ve seen already, many household chores will be taken over by robots. Smart vacuum cleaners will take care of cleaning the floors; antistatic furniture and door surfaces will prevent dust collection and fingerprint marks. And electroconductive carbon black Chezacarb will reliably protect electronic devices, such as your computer or television, so you can forget about dust and static discharge.

We may not even windows, as our walls will be equipped with strips that will both clean the air and showcase beautiful nature. This will, of course, be accompanied by scent and sound. If you feel like taking a quick field trip, virtual reality will help you take a tour over the mountains in the style of Icarus.

It’s all up to us    

Does it mean that in the future, artificial intelligence will replace our social contact and take care of all of life’s needs instead of us? Definitely not. We will use only those inventions, that suit us and aren’t in contradiction with human nature. Neither does it meant the end of bars and parks, or skinned knees for children. Even if our TV offers us the most amazing views from all corners of the world, it won’t replace wading through a pile of freshly fallen leaves in a real forest.

But human progress and ingenuity are undoubtedly incredible, as are they ways they can make our lives easier so that we can spend more time on ourselves and with friends and family.