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Fire Safety of Plastics

Today, plastic materials are pervasive in our lives. From the toothbrush you used to brush your teeth this morning, to the bus you rode in on your way to work, right down to the office chair you are sitting in as you read these words, plastic materials comprise an integral part of our everyday lives. With this in mind, wouldn’t you like to be sure that the material that surrounds us day in day out is safe for you and your loved ones?

One of the biggest safety challenges facing the plastic industry today is the fact that the majority of plastic materials are highly flammable. In the past, this has been the cause of a number of fires, resulting in loss of life and substantial material damages, especially when occurring in places where a large number of people gather, such as office buildings, shopping malls, subways and tunnels.

Fire Safety of Plastics
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Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean that you have to pack up a caravan, load up your family, and move to the middle of nowhere to be safe. Since plastic materials are such a fundamental part of modern life, scientists at the Polymer Institute Brno (PIB, Unitpetrol Group) have dedicated countless hours to researching ways to make plastic materials safer than ever before. Their research into Halogen Free Flame Retardants (HFFRs) has yielded tremendous results in the form of a new product series of Flame Retarded Masterbatches, trademarked as MAKROFLAM FR.

When investigating a product’s fire safety properties, it is important to test how the finished product behaves in the event of a real fire. These tests must consider not only the degree of flame retardation, but also other key factors in fire safety, such as the shape of a product, its dimensions, the frequency of a product in a certain area, the formation of smoke, dripping during burning, and other aspects that influence the course of a real fire. MAKROFLAM products have been tested in all of these areas and have successfully met or exceeded the most current standards of fire safety, placing them at the forefront of fire safety in the plastic materials industry.

MAKROFLAM products are suitable for use in traffic construction (such as subways and tunnels), communication technologies (in the form optical cable protectors and corrugated tubes), electro technology (electro installation elements), the automotive industry, the mining industry, and across many other modern technology industries. So, thanks to the extensive research and conscientious product development at PIB, we now have access to innovative plastic materials which enable us to construct the safest possible technologies. This means that you can leave that caravan in the garage until summertime, and rest easy, knowing that the future of plastic material production is bright, and, more importantly, safe and secure for you and the ones you care about.